What is physical literacy and what is its purpose?

What we consider to be physical literacy?

One of the definitions of physical literacy is: children (or adults) who are physical literate are able tomove and participate with self-confidence in whole set of physical activities that make progress of individuals better. It sounds a bit complicated, but actually it is not. If you read this article to the end you will understand whole thing better.

Physical literacy doesn’t refer only to being good in one, particular sport or some other physical activity. It also refers to the ability of any child to participate in wide specter of different disciplines and different sports such as jogging, swimming, trampoline, overcoming obstacles and others.

What is the purpose of physical literacy?

Well, physical literate children are indeed healthier than other children. They are able to enjoy in funny activities, regardless on environment, seasons, or conditions of play (it doesn’t matter if they are playing on ground in air, on ice, in the water or snow). Working on physical literacy can be useful when you want to make break in studying. It gives you chance to free surplus energy. It can affect your results in studying in good manner. Your thought will be brighter and concentration will rise to higher level.

How we know whether we are physical literate?

This is very good question. You know when you are literate in standard way, but how we know if we are physical literate enough? Well, you know that you are literate or not when you write down text and you see how many mistakes you made, and if you made those mistakes without knowing that you did something wrong, then it means you are not literate. It is same thing with physical literacy, if you feel confident in doing things such as jogging, swimming, playing sport games, etc, then you can say that you are physical literate, in contrary you are probably not.